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Short Game

The short game is one if not the most important aspects of a good golf game, whether its creating birdie opportunities or even to save par!! Training is the most important part of the short game, the best players in the world train very very hard to maintain there touch and feel.

Publisert av Proen. Sist endret 22.09.2009
Fotograf: Bent-Inge Storheim
Utslag fotograf Bent-Inge Storheim

Training chipping is actually fun, all depends on how and where you train!! try all types of shots all differnt types of positions and lies, you never know when you will need that type of shot. its always better to have a wide variety of shots.

Training Tips

Take the impact position of a normal long shot, this should consist of the weight firmly on the left side (towards target), left arm and shaft in a straight line with left hand slightly ahead of your body.

  • Grip down on the shaft, this will give you more control over the shot, and bring your whole body a little closer to the ball
  • When swinging back and forth keep the torso(chest) pointed down at the ground throughout the shot, use your shoulders and arms.
  • Choose club after you have determined what type of shot is required, this depends on how much green you have to work with, any obsticles i.e(bunker, water)
  • Followthrough, make sure left hand comes first through impact and not the clubhead!!