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Arnt pa green
Arnt pa green

Here are some putting excersises to help improve your technique, feeling and the chance to hole more putts!!!

Remember : DRIVE FOR SHOW ....... PUTT FOR DO!! (MONEY)

Publisert av Marc Wyn Rogers. Sist endret 15.10.2009

The first thing i would check if you are struggling with your putting, check your posture, where are your eyes are pointing to??? Your eyes should lie directly over the ball this could affect where the ball hits the putter head.


 take your normal putting posture, take a golf ball  up to your eye level, then drop it, the point of this is that the ball you drop is suppossed to hit the ball your are going to putt......... if you miss then your posture is out of allignment!

Many new golfers struggle with putting!! how hard to hit the ball, allignement/posture and how to take the putter backwards and forwards!


Good drill to help get the putter swinging striaght back and straight through is, to lay two golf clubs on the green. lay them down so that they are two parallel lines slightly wider than the putter you use, train your stroke in between the clubs trying not to let the putter head hit the shaft on the ground.


If you are a decent player and are struggling just to hole a few putts but are confident with your putting stroke, a good excersise is to take your posture and alignment and then instead of looking directly down at the ball you keep your eyes locked in to the hole and putt for half an hour like this!!