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Bunker Play

Bunker shots are seen as one of the most difficult and terrifying shots in golf. Important thing to remember is in order to get the ball out of the bunker is, that we must hit the sand first to dampen the power and also to control the length of the shot.

Publisert av Proen. Sist endret 22.09.2009
Fotograf: Bent-Inge Storheim
Good followthrough, keeping body as still as possible!! fotograf Bent-Inge Storheim

Training Tips

In a normal situation we are not allowed to take practice swings in the bunker, i highly reccomend for training purposes to take numerous practice swings in the bunker hitting the sand out of the bunker. this will give you a better feel for the type of shot you need to hit. if you cant get the sand out then you will struggle to get the ball out too.

a good training aid would be to draw either a cirlce approx 10cm in diameter or two lines 10cm appart, have the ball inbetween and hit ball after ball and try to see where the club head hits in the sand. for the best results the club should enter and come out on these lines!!

Things to remember and train on!

  • Ball placement - middle of stance
  • weight distribution 50/50
  • Rotate around your torso(chest) keeping body as still as possible
  • Always followthrough on the shot, never stop on it!
  • On and up hill or down hill lie important we keep shoulders parallell with the sand