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Publisert 29.06.2009

The short game is one if not the most important aspects of a good golf game, whether its creating birdie opportunities or even to save par!! Training is the most important part of the short game, the best players in the world train very very hard to maintain there touch and feel.

Publisert 29.06.2009

Bunker shots are seen as one of the most difficult and terrifying shots in golf. Important thing to remember is in order to get the ball out of the bunker is, that we must hit the sand first to dampen the power and also to control the length of the shot.

Publisert 15.10.2009
Arnt pa green

Here are some putting excersises to help improve your technique, feeling and the chance to hole more putts!!!

Remember : DRIVE FOR SHOW ....... PUTT FOR DO!! (MONEY)

Publisert 15.10.2009
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How to play in wind?